A high level of safety
for high demands

Our star for comfort

In addition to high product quality and cost effectiveness, ease of use and comfort are the major factors that make FarStar® medical infection prevention products so successful. This is due in large part to our quality management team being in constant contact with users in clinics, where customers‘ ideas are gathered for use in product development and optimization. After all, the goal of FarStar® medical‘s efforts is to meet the most stringent customer demands by maintaining the highest product standards.

Ease of use and comfort

High product quality

Quality management team

Product development and optimization

Our star for enviromental policy

Environmental protection has become increasingly important in our society in recent decades. As a company, we see our special commitment to sustainable, environmentally friendly business. The environmental management system is practiced by all employees and the management, using the DIN EN ISO 14001: 2015 norm.
By applying the environmental protection is systematically practiced and the need for continuous improvement of processes in the environmental management system is anchored.
Our contribution to environmental protection is also to produce selected products in Europe, which allows us to ensure more environmentally friendly transport routes.

One star for environmental friendliness

Application of DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 norm

Continuous improvement of our enviromental management system

Prioritizing sustainability in the day-to-day business life

Eco-friendly production in europe

Our star for flexibility

FarStar® medical customers benefit from the values you would expect of a mid-sized company. Extensive consultation provided by trained specialists, the responsiveness a company with its own production facilities, individual and personal support – these are the advantages of an established mid-sized company. Regardless of what the customer needs, where they need it and when they need it, FarStar® medical can individually and flexibly respond to their requirements due to its flat hierarchies and expedient structure.

Responsive structure – flat hierarchies

24-hour delivery service

Custom fabrication possible

Consistent customer proximity

Our star for speed

When it needs to be quick, an agile company like FarStar® medical clearly has the advantage. One site for development, production, storage and delivery provides for efficient operation and fast processes. The primary goal of our uncompromising customer orientation is to provide optimal support and supply for clinics. With our in-house, highcapacity storage facilities, FarStar® medical makes products available to our customers at any time with the quickest possible delivery.

Storage in our own facilities that can accommodate 4,500 pallet slots

Direct access to production

Problem-free implementation of individual customer requests

One site for all departments

Perfect infrastructure

Our star for safety

FarStar® medical products provide reliable protection from infection both inside and outside the operating room. Innovative operation clothing and drapes as well as special protective gear, overshoes, visors and protective gowns ensure maximum safety for surgeons, patients and staff. In order to meet the high demands of our customers and users, all FarStar® medical products as well as the company itself are certified and regularly inspected by independent institutes.

Up-to-date with the current best practices of the industry

Compliance with relevant legal regulations

Certification of the company and products

Highest technological standards at our production facilities